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B. 1955
Lives and works in Chicago, IL


Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

Foundation Musee d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg, LU 

Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (with Remy Zaugg, B. Wurtz, Adrian Schiess) 
Galerie Susanna Kulli, Zurich, Switzerland (with Adrian Schiess and Heimo Zobernig)

Donald Young Gallery, Chicago, IL 
General Store, Milwaukee, WI (with Heimo Zobernig) 

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (with Stephen Prina) 
Galerie Michael Hall, Vienna, Austria (Gaylen Gerber / Helen Mirra) 
The Suburban, Oak Park, IL

Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, Bremen, Germany (with Joseph Beuys; 
continued with Lynda Benglis, Kirsten Stoltmann, Jonathan Monk, Rachael Lackowicz, Johannes Wohnseifer: continued with Pierre Alechinsky: continued with Klauke) 

Chicago Project Room, Chicago, IL 
The Suburban, Oak Park, IL (with David Robbins; continued with "Software ‘99", organized by David Muller and Three Day weekend) 
Hermetic Gallery, Milwaukee, WI (with Adrian Schiess; continued with "Painty": David Kaiser, Lisa Shafir, Scott Spec, Niel Whitacre; continued with pretendTV) 

Monash University Galleries, Melbourne, Australia 
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA 
Chicago Project Room, Chicago, IL 

Galerie Susanna Kulli. St. Gallen, Switzerland 
Chicago Project Room, Chicago, IL (Amy Wheeler and Mari Eastman with Gaylen Gerber; continued with Charlie Cho; continued with Helen Mirra) 

Lisson Gallery, London, England 

American Fine Arts, Co. New York, NY (with Roy Arden) 

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, NY (with Joe Scanlan) 

Michael Kohn Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 
Wooster Gardens, New York, NY 
The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 

Founding of the Anonymous Museum, Chicago, IL 
Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL 

Le Case d’Arte, Milan, Italy 
Wolff Gallery, New York, NY 
Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland 

Galerie Nachst St. Stephan/Rosemarie Schwarzwalder, Vienna, Austria 
Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL 

Wolff Gallery, New York, NY 
Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL 

Grey Art Gallery and Study Center at New York University, New York, N 


"Paradox and Practice: Architecture in the Wake of Conceptualism", University Art Gallery, University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA (cooperative project with Dorit Margreiter) 
"Conditions of Display", The Moore Space, Miami, FL (cooperative project with Remy Zaugg) 
"Figures in the Field: Figurative Sculpture and Abstract Painting from Chicago Collections", The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL (cooperative project with Sherrie Levine) 
"On Platforming", Locust Projects, Miami, FL (Cooperative project with Paul Drueke, Nicholas Frank, General Store and John Russell) 

"Le Genie du Lieu", Musee des Beaux-Arts, Dijon, France (cooperative project with 15th century Swiss primitive painting) 
"States of Art Criticism", The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, (cooperative project with Ariella Budick, Lynne Cooke, James Elkins, Dave Hickey, Stephen Melville, Michael Newman and James Panero. 
"The Early Show", White Columns, New York, NY
"Off-Key", Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, Switzerland, (cooperative project with Stephen Prina) 
"Asenseur pour Rio", FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon, France (cooperative project with Cecile Bart, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Dominique Ghesquire, Federico Guzman, MP & MP Rosado, Allen Ruppersberg) 

"Nothing Compared to This (ambient, incidental, and minimal tendencies in recent art) The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH (cooperative project with Heimo Zobernig) 
"Voice of Site: Tokyo - Chicago - New York" - Tokyo Gaijutsu Daigaku Chrinretsu-kan Exhibition Hall, Tokyo, Japan 
"The Center is Anywhere", The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL 
"Drunk vs. Stoned", Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at Passerby, New York, NY (cooperative project with Adrian Schiess) 

Tom Friedman, Gaylen Gerber, Joe Scanlan, Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 
"Subject Index". The Pond, Chicago, IL (cooperative project with Cindy Loehr) 

"Northern Fundamentalisms of the New Order", Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark, (cooperative project with M&Co.) 
"Ideal Avalanche", The Pond, Chicago, IL (cooperative project with Stephen Prina) 
"A Szin Onallo Elete / Color: A Life of Its Own, Mucsarnok –Kunsthalle Budapest 
"Pressing", Objectif, Antwerp, Belgium (cooperative project with Kris Fierens) 
"Plat & Form: The Portable Hermetic Gallery", Haas Art Center, Eau Claire, WI (cooperative project with Nicholas Frank; with Milhaus) 

"SoundVideoImagesObjects", Donald Young Gallery, Chicago, IL (cooperative project with Mary Dunning) 
"To The Trade", DiverseWorks, Houston, TX (cooperative project with John White Cerasulo) 
"People See Painting", Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL 

"La Biennale de Montreal 2000", Montreal, Canada 
"Subject Picture", the optimistic, Chicago, IL (cooperative project with Jesse Chapman) 
"Words-Objects-Acts", Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia (cooperative project with Chris Smith and Sarah Price) 
"Selected Works by:" Galerie Susanna Kulli, St. Gallen, Switzerland (cooperative project with John Armleder) 
"To Infinity and Beyond: Editions for the Year 2000", Brooke Alexander Gallery, New York, NY 

"Kunst in der Stadt III", Kunsthaus, Bregenz, Austria (cooperative project with Kay Rosen) 
"Selected works: Armleder, Fleury, Gerber, Hirschhorn, Mosset, Rockenschaub, Schiess", Galerie Susanna Kulli, St. Gallen, Switzerland 
"Locked Groove", Doozer collaborative, Chicago, IL (cooperative project with David Robbins) 

Galerie Evelyne Canus, La-Colle-sur-Loup, France (cooperative project with Adrian Schiess) 
"Les objects contiennent l’infini", Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Tours, Tours, France 

"Gaylen Gerber/James Casebere", Site Gallery, Sheffield, England 
"About Painting", Robert Miller Gallery, New York, NY 
"Heaven", P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, NY 
"New Works", Feigen Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"100 Photographs", American Fine Arts, Co., New York, NY 

"DEAD PAN", Kunstverein Munich, Munich, Germany 
"SCREEN", Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, NY 
"Plane Speak-Contemporary Abstraction", Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL 
"Art in Chicago: 1945-1995", Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL 
"Superconcentrated", TBA Exhibition Space, Chicago, IL 

"Pictura/Immedia, Malerie in der 90er Jahren", Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria, traveled to Kunsthalle Budapest, Budapest, Hungary 
"25 AMERICANS, Painting in the 90’s", Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI (cooperative project with John Currin) 
"Being There", Paolo Balducci Gallery, New York, NY (juxtaposed with Alfred Stieglitz) 
"Painting", Domaine De Kerguehennec Center D’Art Contemporain, Locmine/Bignan, France 
"Ideal Standard Summertime", Lisson Gallery, London, England
Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"Die Moderne Oder Die Uverwindung Eines Begriffs", Institute fur Museologie, Vienna, Austria 

"After and Before", The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 
"Gaylen Gerber, James Welling, Angela Grauerholz", Galerie Nachst St. Stephan/Rosemarie Schwarzwalder, Vienna, Austria 
"PRAXIS", Domaine de Kerguehennec, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Locmine/Bignan, France 
"Painting", Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL 

"New Conceptual Work", Feigen Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"Drawings: Abstrakte Malerie Zwischen Analyse und Synthese", Galerie Nachst St. Stephan/Rosemarie Schwarzwalder, Vienna, Austria 
"Works on Paper", Curt Marcus Gallery, New York, NY 
"De la Main a la Tete, l’Object Theorique", Domaine de Kerguehennec, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Locmine/Bignan, France 
"Range of Colors", White Columns, New York, NY 

"Documenta IX", Kassel, Germany, 
"Abstrakte Malerie Zwischen Analyse und Synthese, Galerie Nachst St. Stephan/ Rosemarie Schwarzwalder, Vienna, Austria, 
"From America’s Studio: Drawing New Conclusions", Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, IL 

"David Cabrera/Gaylen Gerber/Mitchell Kane", Trans Avante-Garde Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
"Improvements ? on the Ordinary", Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, IL 
Galerie Anselmo Alvarez, Madrid, Spain 

"Mentalitaten un Konstructionen in Arbeiten auf Paper", Galerie Nachst St. Stephan/Rosemarie Schwarzwalder, Vienna, Austria 
"Strategies for the Last Painting", Wolff Gallery, New York, NY, traveled to Feigen Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"Drawings", Nathalie Karg Gallery, New York, NY 
"Drawings", Paula Allen Gallery, New York, NY 

Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"Problems with Reading Rereading", Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"Material Matters", Art Center Gallery, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL 
"Chicago Works: Art from the Windy City", Bruce Gallery, Edinboro, traveled to The University Pennsylvania, Erie, PA 
"Mediated Knot", Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL (co-curator) 
"Prima Vision, Milano Internationale d’Arte contemporanea, Milan, Italy, 

"Drawings", Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"Looking Out", Rockford Art Museum, Rockford. IL 
"Tim Ebner/Gaylen Gerber/Allen McCollum", Ricky Renier Gallery, Chicago, IL 

"New Chicago: Quiet and Deliberate", Tangeman Fine Arts Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 
"Nourishment", Beacon Street Gallery, Chicago, IL 
Center for Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL 
"Wet Paint", Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL 
"July" Wolff Gallery, New York, NY 
"Invitational", Damon Brandt Gallery, New York, NY 
"The Non-Spiritual in Art/Abstract Painting 1985???", 341 West Superior Street, Chicago, IL 


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Individual Artist Fellowship, The ArtCouncil, New York 

Artists Fellowship, The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation 
Artslink, CEC International Partners (NEA and The Kettering Fund) 

Chicago Artists International Fellowship, Department of Cultural Affairs 

Artist Fellowship, NEA/Arts Midwest